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How to Develop Your Own Mailing List

It is very important to develop your very own list of targeted potential clients. No matter what tactics you are currently using, if you’re not collecting the email addresses of your clients you are exactly guaranteeing your failure.

Mailing lists allow you to create a targeted list of potential clients in which you can promote your product or service on a regular basis. It gives you a direct line of communication, which will increase your sales considerably.

The key to creating an effective mailing list is to provide your visitors with quality information such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter or publication.

Building Your Subscriber Base

You should place a subscription box on every page possible of your website. Your visitors may enter your website from any other pages than your home page. Chances are that they may never even visit your home page, so make sure you place a subscription box on every page of your website.

Incentive Subscriptions

You should offer your customer a free gift in return for their subscription. This free gift can be anything such as an e-book, software, or report.

Writing Articles

You can write informative articles with links to your subscription page for free publication. By writing such articles, you can highly increase your subscriptions.

Free E-books

You can also create a powerful e-book, place subscription box on each page and distribute it freely. Your e-book will have the possibility to be viewed by millions of Internet users. So, you’ve seen that creating and developing a mailing list is an absolute must. You should not miss any opportunity to promote your publication and gain new subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more sales you’ll make.


In the infographic below, courtesy of, you can learn the main steps required to develop your own newsletter from scratch.

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