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Online Conversion Management is a Continuing Process for Web Development

Consider this, can you want to bring customers to a shop where they’re unsure how to buy the merchandise they’ve within their hands? Everybody knows what are the results next, the consumer puts the item down leaving the shop frustrated vowing never to return. That applies just as much to online shops. Hence the power of online conversion management.

Driving quality traffic to your site, preferably cost-effectively, is just half the work of a prosperous online strategy. Naturally, a large part of that is optimizing your internet marketing campaigns. However, you need to also optimize your website to ensure effective online conversion of visitors to paying customers. Testing and optimizing conversion substitutes subjectivity and opinions as, with conversion management, decisions are based on facts.

How can Online Conversion Management work?

Testing is essential to optimizing, be it for your website marketing campaigns or online conversion. The goal in testing is to find very good designs and patterns that maximize traffic and conversion. The different types of testing performed to get a website are multivariate testing, AB-testing, and website landing page optimization. In multivariate testing, the site layout is tested by having an audience with alternative layout designs to discover the optimal. In AB-testing, only a few parameters are tested in the same layout. Plus website landing page optimization, a certain campaign landing page is tested with different alternatives to increase the conversion according to the campaign goals.

Online conversion management uses specific testing tools, along with a popular one is Google Website Optimizer, which can be free and easy to use. It enables webmasters to show multiple variants of a layout or design to visitors and measure conversions of the alternatives. Reports show how different pages or combinations of the variants perform, so when the top combination is found, it can be implemented over the internet to improve performance.

What are the benefits of Online Conversion Management?

• Risks and costs connected with design cycles are removed
• Technical integration is simple and only needs to be achieved once
• Site development is completed based on facts which correlate to increased site revenue
• A shorter planning process saves costs

So what can be tested?

Multivariate testing, AB-testing and landing page optimization techniques allow testing of all key aspects of a website:

• The homepage
• Landing pages
• Category pages
• Search result pages
• Sign-up forms
• Purchasing funnels
• Navigation testing
• Promotions testing
• Product pages
• Check out funnels

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