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What to Know when Creating an Auto Responder Course

Creating an autoresponder course is not a big deal. Sounds too good to be true! Read yourself below.

Choose a Subject

The very first step in creating an autoresponder course is to decide upon a subject of your course. You should target your potential customers and choose such a subject in which you have a great deal of knowledge.

Create Topics

After choosing your subject, you’ll need to create a list of topics. One lesson will be represented in each topic. For instance, if you have seven topics, then you can offer your customers a free 7-day course. If you have twelve topics, then you can offer your visitors a free 12-day course and so on.

Divide into Lessons

Now, that you have your list of topics ready; the next step is to separate each of your topics into course lessons. In the first lesson, you should welcome your subscribers to your course while explaining a little bit about what they are going to learn, followed by the first lesson.

Quality Information

The most important thing in creating a successful autoresponder course is to provide good and quality information which is relevant to the interest of your target audience.

So, each daily topic of your autoresponder course must contain valuable information or your customer may decide to unsubscribe. Plus dont forget to include information regarding to your course, such as the lesson number, lesson title, information about your products or services and outlines of the coming lesson. Remember, your course must provide quality information written to teach rather than sounding like a sales letter.

Setting up Your Course

Now that you’ve written your course, you need to transfer your text into an autoresponder. Sign up for the above autoresponder and follow their instructions for setting it up. After setting up the autoresponder, your final step is to place the information about your course on your website. This will include a brief description of your course and a subscription box to your mailing list.

Offering a free autoresponder course to your customer will provide them with a great service as well as automate a portion of your marketing efforts. This form of free advertising is sure to increase your sales considerably.

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